Our manufacturing facilities and manufacturing systems comply with the highest standards of cGMP, which is guaranteed by:

  1. A continuous improvement.policy.
  2. A staff of operators, technicians and professionals highly trained, with a long expertise and background in the industry.
  3. The conviction that quality is made by operators.
  4. The highest proud for the well done job.
  5. The support of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and a well designed system of documentation and procedures.

Processes – areas of expertise:

Our organization has developed the following areas of expertise:

  1. Grignard reactions.
  2. Borane reductions.
  3. Biphosphonates.
  4. Friedel-Craft reactions.
  5. Hormone synthesis.
  6. Particle size reduction by micronizing.

Main capabilities:

The total reactor capacity is about 10 m3, including glass lined, stainless steel and glass reactors, some of them with single fluid heating and cooling systems, in a temperature range between -15 to 150ºC and pressures between 20 mbar to 6 bar.

Isolation, drying, milling and packaging of final products are performed in class ISO 8 (M6.5) areas.

Production Facilities:

  1. General purposed reactors area (800 m²).
  2. Solids handling area class ISO 8 (M6.5), pharma designed (300 m²).
  3. Hormones production segregated facilities, class ISO 8 (M6.5).
  4. Production area for injectable forms, class ISO 7 (M5.5), pharma designed.
  5. Warehouses for solid raw materials, intermediates and, with temperature control, for finished products. (422 m²).
  6. Dispensing area class ISO 7 (M5.5).
  7. Sampling area class ISO 7 (M5.5)
  8. Warehouses for flammable solvents.