Chemical Development

Research & Development

Our focus is the development of (patent free) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and the scientific support to the manufacturing plant process.
Our team is composed by highly qualified professionals, devoted to add value to Gador’s organization, by reducing process variability, improving process knowledge and setting the basis for the scale-up and manufacture of our products.

Our areas of expertise involve:

Development of innovative synthetic pathways for APIs
Development of new solid phases (polymorphs) for APIs.
Scale-up of new technologies developed in our lab.
Technology transfer from Pilot Plant to the commercial scale, following Good Manufacturing Practices
Preparation of Standards and Impurities for the analytical tests
Statistic design of experiments
Statistic control of process and experiments
Use of state-of-the-art equipment for the chemical development
Bibliographic support to help our scientists to be in contact with the last trends in the chemical world.

Scaling up & Pilot Plant

Our Pilot Plant scientists have the required skills to work from kilo to multi-kilo scale, using the acquired knowledge to transfer our products to the commercial scale.

Our efforts and engagement with the quality and safety ensure compliance with current regulations from different countries where our products are being commercialized.